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Your CV is the single most important weapon in your armoury when it comes to job hunting. A prospective employer will often make a snap judgement the second they read it. Avoid making it too fancy and complicated. You only have about five seconds to grab their attention. There are no set rules governing the length of your CV - this will be decided on your career history, education and achievements. If possible, try to keep it to two sheets. Everyone has a different theory when it comes to CV design.

We recommend a basic format. Start off with your name, address and contact details clearly listed at the top of the page. Follow this with a profile of yourself which should include an outline of your skills, experience and immediate career goals. After this you can put in your career history - in reverse chronological order over the past 10 years - with brief descriptions of your responsibilities and achievements. Then education, interests/personal details and references.

Please call our team of consultants on 01293 887456 to discuss how to get the best form your CV. We will help you format it and highlight key achievements to ensure you will secure the new job you desire.

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